18V 1A Linear Power Supply
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TI's linear regulator controller chip with high-current power transistor is used in order to get a strong ripple rejection capability. The low noise 50VA toroidal transformer increases the output current capability and maintains voltage stability. It's a perfect upgrade if apply on DAC, CAS, Headphone amplifier...etc. which offer significantly improvement in sound quality compared with switching power supplies.


The power supply is equipped with a high quality cable made of OFC copper insulated wires. Lockable Circular socket and plug is selected for guarantee consistent performance. Wrapping around by the flexible nylon mesh for a neat and tidy finish.

Each PSU equipped with 2 feet long DC cable.

* Note: NO IEC type mains power lead included.

AC Input : 220-240V (default) or 110-120V
Output Voltage : 18VDC
Output Current : 1A Max.

Dimensions : 106(W) x 63(H) x 175(D)mm
Weight : 1.6 Kgs

All pictures were taken with actual products. As raw materials may vary due to different purchasing period, the assemble parts of a machine may be different. However, standard or outstanding performance is guaranteed.

Unit Price: US$125.00

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